Advanced Topics in Software-Engineering (SS2013)

Teaching Staff: Jens Grabowski, Patrick Harms, Steffen Herbold, Philip Makedonski, Thomas Rings, Xiaowei Wang

This seminar is a good extension to the lecture Software-Technik. It provides a possiblity to go into more details about specific subtopics of software engineering such as usability engineering and software testing. The topics will include:

  • Usability and Usability-Engineering
  • User-oriented Usability Testing
  • Expert-oriented Usability Evaluation
  • Web-analytics
  • Information Architecture
  • SOA – Service-oriented Architecture
  • UML-Tools and Code Generation
  • Details of Specific Process Models
  • Model-driven Architecture
  • Usage-based Testing
  • Defect Prediction
  • Design Pattern
  • Agent-based Simulation
  • Reliability-Engineering for Cloud Systems

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