Oberseminar - Software Engineering (SS2013)

Teaching Staff: Jens Grabowski, Patrick Harms, Steffen Herbold, Philip Makedonski, Fabian Korte, Fabian Sudau, Thomas Rings, Xiaowei Wang

Time and Place

Thuesday, 16:00 (c.t), Room Ifi 2.101. Dates to be announced (see schedule below)


In the Oberseminar, the researchers and students working in our group will present results of their current research as well as interesting papers regarding the state of the art in software engineering.


  • Apr, 16th: Fabian Yamagutchi: "Exposing missing checks in source code using unsupervised machine learning techniques"
  • May, 7th: Xiaowei Wang: "Reliability Engineering in Cloud Computing"
  • Jun, 04th: Fabian Sudau "Controversy: Quantitative Studies of Forum Discussions" in Room 0.101
  • Jun, 25th: Alexander Deicke: "Pattern Detection in Task Trees"
  • Jun, 26th: Fabian Glaser: "A MapReduce Input Format for Analyzing Big High-Energy Physics Data Stored in ROOT Framework Files"
  • Jul, 2nd: Steffen Herbold: "Training Data Selection for Cross-project Defect Prediction"
  • Jul, 09th: Patrick Harms: "Usage-based Task Tree Generation"
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