Principles of Grid and Cloud Computing (WS2012)

Teaching Staff: Jens Grabowski, Thomas Rings, Gerhard Lauer, Arnulf Quadt, Ulrich Sax, Jörg Meyer, Patrick Harms, Frank Dickmann, Tibor Kalman


This lecture presents concepts, principles and existing implementations of grid systems. Grid technology is explained by presenting its architecture and also different grid middlewares. Main features of a middleware such as resource, job, data, information and service management are discussed. Also security and high level services such as scheduling, planning and workflow management are considered. Furthermore, main topics of grid computing such as accounting, billing, knowledge and semantics, and sustainability are presented. Afterwards, cloud computing is introduced and its relation to grid computing is discussed. This also includes the cloud architecture and virtualization principles. After a theoretical presentation of these concepts, they are exemplified by practical examples from the grid and cloud communities.

Course Objectives

On completion of this lecture, the students have basic knowledge of grid computing, how it is realized and when to use it. They know all concepts and principles around the grid computing technology including their purposes and their realizations. In addition, the students understand cloud computing including its principles and can differentiate it to a grid system.

Organizational Issues

The lecture takes places on Thursdays at 12:15 in room 0.101 in the Instiute of Computer Science. This course will be taught in English and values 3 Credit Points. For ITIS students please register with Thomas Rings. The lecture focuses students of different field of studies such as physics, medicine, humanities, biology, or computer science. For questions and comments, please contact Thomas Rings.

Start of the Lecture

The lecture starts on October 25th 2012. Live transmission for ITIS Students is possible via a video conferencing system or via Internet stream. Please contact Thomas Rings in advance to request the streaming URL.

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