Seminar: Cloud and Grid Computing (WS2011)

Teaching Staff: Jens Grabowski, Thomas Rings, Patrick Harms

The Password given in the lecture is wrong. Please request the password from Thomas Rings.



This seminar focuses on Cloud Computing technology. It includes the following topics:

  • Cloud Models
  • Virtualization
  • Distributed Filesystems
  • Reliabe coordination of cloud systems
  • Mechanisms for trust and security in cloud systems
  • Clouds and Humans

Organizational Issues

This seminar is complementary to the Lecture "Foundation and Application of Grid Technologies". It is required to hear both the seminar and the lecture.
The seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 14:15 in the Institute of Computer Science in room 1.101. This course will be taught in English and values 2 Credit Points. For ITIS students please register with Thomas Rings.
Together with the Lecture "Foundation and Application of Grid Technologies", it fulfills the Module "Foundations of Grid- and Cloud-Computing" (5 Credit Points).
For questions and comments, please contact Thomas Rings.

Start of the Seminar

The seminar starts on October 25th 2011. Live transmission for ITIS Students is possible via a video conferencing system or via Internet stream. Please contact Thomas Rings in advance to request the streaming URL.


Please register with Thomas Rings until November 9th (Also if you took a topic already in the seminar personally). Based on these registration, I will prepare a schedule. I will  distribute the schedule. There will be no other seminar meeting anymore! Only the date of the schedule will apply. I will provide you the schedule beginning of next week.

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