Software Testing (WS2012)

Teaching Staff: Jens Grabowski, Steffen Herbold, Patrick Harms

Dates, Modules, etc.:

See UniVZ (Lecture) and UniVZ (Exercise)


This lecture targets advanced students. We recommend knowledge at least equivalent to the lecture Software-Engineering 1 as well as basic knowledge about programming.


This Software Testing exercise requires the registration of all students till Wednesday, Oct. 31st. Registration is performed via an email to Steffen Herbold. Please indicate your place of studies (e.g., Göttingen or Clausthal) and your course of studies (e.g., Applied Computer Science or ITIS). Participation in the exercise is a requirement for the examination! Details will be announced during the first lecture.

Course Materials:

The publishing of the course materials will be discussed during the first lecture.


Will be announced during the lecture.

Certified Tester:

We plan to offer the opportunity to take the test for the Certified Tester (Foundation Level) of the International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) at the end of the term. Further details will be announced during the lecture.


  • The lecture starts on Oct, 22nd.
  • No exercise on Oct, 24th. The Exercise starts on Oct, 31st.
  • Exercise 1 is online. If you want to register for a task, contact Steffen Herbold. After the registration, contact the supervisor of the respective task if you have any questions or want to discuss your solution beforehand (which we strongly suggest).
  • Exercise 2 and the solution for exercise 1 are online. UPDATE: Both tasks are reserved.
  • No exercise tomorrow. All exercises are pushed back one week and we discuss exercise 2 on Nov. 14th.
  • Exercise 3 and the solution for exercise 2 are online.
  • Exercise 3 is mandatory for everyone and starts on 8:30 o'clock (s.t) on Wednesday. Attendance is in Göttingen is required for everyone, except the students in Clausthal, who may participate via the Video conference.
  • Exercise 4 is online.
  • Exercise 5 is online.
  • Exercise 6 is online.
  • Wednesday, Dec., 12th will be a lecture. Exercise 6 is pushed back to Dec., 19th.
  • Exercise 7 is online.
  • Exercise 8 is online.
  • Exercise 9 is online.
  • Exercise 10 is online. This exercise is mandatory for everyone!
  • Exercise 11 is online.
  • The examination results are online.
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