Software Testing (WS2020)

Teaching Staff: Jens Grabowski, Ella Albrecht



The course imparts basic and extended knowledge in the context of Software-Testing. This covers the following aspects:

  • terminology
  • V-Model
  • black-box testing
  • white-box testing
  • static testing
  • dynamic testing
  • software metrics
  • test tools
  • test management

Course Structure

The course is offered in an inverted class room manner and takes place online (Big Blue Button room in StudIP). The students will be provided with lecture material including slides, videos, and exercises. Afterwards, the students are asked to prepare the contents of the course self-responsibly. In the exercise slots, the topics will then be intensified. The exercise takes place on Mondays, 14:15 - 15:45. The first exercise slot on Novemver 2 will be used as introduction session. In this session, all required information will be provided. This will cover information about where to get required credentials and locations of the materials. We urge you to attend the introduction session. 

Dates, Modules, etc.

See UniVZ


This course targets advanced students. We recommend knowledge at least equivalent to the lecture Software-Engineering 1 as well as basic knowledge about programming.


For the course, no registration is required.

Course Materials

Please note: the material will be not available before the introduction session.The course materials consist of a week plan, slides, videos, learn control questions, and exercises. Except the video material, everything will be provided in Stud.IP. If you have any questions, please contact Ella Albrecht.The video material will be accessible via a dedicated system. The system will be available under the following URL: . The credentials will be communicated in the introductional session.


Will be announced during the exercises.

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