Bringing TDL to Users: A Hands-on Tutorial

Philip Makedonski, Andreas Ulrich, Gusztav Adamis, Martti Käärik, Marc-Florian Wendland, Anthony Wiles


In this tutorial, we will showcase the application of TDL to a number of common application scenarios and use cases, such as, documentation, test design, test generation, and test visualisation, by using the new graphical syntax and related technologies. The use cases are based on current practices at ETSI and in the industry. While tool vendors are still working on commercial tool support, we will present and demonstrate how users and in-house tool-smiths can quickly build their own simple and advanced tools on top of TDL to address their most urgent testing needs, covering use cases such as turning test purposes into test descriptions, reverse engineering TTCN-3 test cases into test descriptions, generating documentation, etc. Integrated end-to-end toolchains can be built and customised by in-house tool-smiths and even users in order to streamline their work and make it more efficient. We will showcase how different tools can be integrated together based on established technologies.
Test Description Language, Testing
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User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing 2014
Munich, Germany
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