Determining Test Focus and Priorities in an Industrial Environment

Sonja Neue


A well working testing environment, together with effective, easy to use and easy to follow testing requirements are a big challenge in the daily software developing process. Due to time limits, the finding of effective test cases is very important. The developer and tester usually do not have enough time to test every piece of software and therefore have to decide which parts are to be tested first and probably more intensively than others. This thesis will analyze an approach of determining the test focus and priorities for an industrial environment based on the existing source-code and other information sources. This is done by analyzing several different information and validating them to a value which helps the developer to focus his testing activities. It will additionally be shown which parts of the software are already sufficiently tested by matching the resulting value to the current test coverage status.
Document Type: 
Master's Theses
Gottingen, Germany
Institute of Computer Science, University of Göttingen
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