The Generation of TTCN Test Cases from MSCs


In 1992 and 1993 the University of Berne cooperates with the Siemens-Albis AG Zürich in order to develop a method which allows to generate complete TTCN test cases from MSC descriptions. The goal is reached by extending the MSC language with a few new language constructs, relating MSCs and data descriptions, and developing the algorithms for the TTCN generation. The method is implemented by a set of prototype tools. The paper starts with a short introduction (Section 1). Then the current procedure of conformance testing is examined (Section 2). The extensions of the standardized MSC language are described and the specification of test cases with MSCs is shown (Section 3). The algorithm for the generation of TTCN behavior descriptions is sketched (Section 4) and MSCs are related to data descriptions (Section 5). The whole method is summarized and a set of prototype tools which implements the method is presented (Section 6). Finally, a short outlook is given (Section 7).
Document Type: 
Technical Reports
Institute for Informatics, University of Berne
Berne, Switzerland
Technical Report IAM-94-004
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