MoDMaCAO: A model-driven framework for the design, validation and configuration management of cloud applications based on OCCI

Faiez Zalila, Fabian Korte, Johannes Erbel, Stéphanie Challita, Jens Grabowski, Philippe Merle


To tackle the cloud-provider lock-in, the Open Grid Forum is developing the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI), a standardized interface for managing any kind of cloud resources. Besides the OCCI Core model, which defines the basic modeling elements for cloud resources, further standardised extensions exist that reflect the requirements of different cloud service levels, such as infrastructure and platform elements. However, so far the OCCI platform extension is very coarse-grained and lacks supporting use cases and implementations. Especially, it does not define how the components of the application itself can be managed. In this paper, we discuss the features of MoDMaCAO, a model-driven framework that extends the OCCI platform extension. The users of the framework are able to design and validate cloud application topologies and subsequently deploy them on OCCI compliant clouds by using configuration management tools.
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Journal Articles
Software and Systems Modeling
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