Object-oriented Features of TTCN-3

Jens Grabowski, Tomas Urban, Kristof Szabados, Jacob Wieland


The new TTCN-3 extension “Object-oriented features” introduces the concepts “classes”, “objects” and “exception handling” into the TTCN-3 language. Even though some of these concepts have been implemented implicitly in the TTCN-3, the concepts are now integrated explicitly into the language allowing a new style of test specification that provides new ways of designing abstract data types, in the form of user defined classes, and integrating external data by means of external classes. Even though such concepts are well known in general purpose programming languages, TTCN-3 is a special domain specific language with special features, e.g., parallel test components, special users and a long history. Backwards compatibility was therefore one design principle for the new language extension. This presentation informs TTCN-3 users, test engineers and test managers about the newest developments of the language. Furthermore, it provides an informal platform to discuss current problems and future needs with ETSI, TTCN-3 users and members of the next TTCN-3 maintenance STF (STF 550) in order to influence the maintenance and further development of TTCN-3.
ttcn-3, object-oriented, testing, test automation
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User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT) 2018
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