From TDL to TTCN-3: A Step by Step Tutorial

Philip Makedonski, Gusztav Adamis, Martti Käärik, Finn Kristoffersen, György Réthy


This tutorial will briefly introduce both languages and showcase how executable TTCN-3 code can be derived from a higher level TDL test description by explaining the necessary steps and assumptions, as well as common challenges associated with mapping languages at different levels of abstraction. The tutorial is based on the currently ongoing work towards the standardised mapping of TDL to TTCN-3, which is expected to be finished in January 2018. The challenges faced during the mapping of the two languages, and corresponding solutions to common problems of bridging the gaps between languages and representations at different levels of abstraction may benefit users and tool vendors aiming to do the same with other technologies. The tutorial will also feature examples from a case study related to smartphone app user interface testing. The tutorial will share experiences and challenges with mapping TDL to TTCN-3, including identifying semantic gaps between the languages, as well as other challenges and common pitfalls, and lessons learnt from the experience, as well as suggestions for the design of future languages at different levels of abstraction.
ttcn-3, tdl, mbt, test generation
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User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT) 2017
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