A Testing Framework for Assessing Grid and Cloud Infrastructure Interoperability

Thomas Rings, Jens Grabowski, Stephan Schulz


The composition of grid and cloud computing infrastructures using equipment from different vendors to allow service enrichment and increase productivity is an important need in industry and for governmental institutions. Interoperability between equipment can be achieved using the gateway approach or the standardized interface approach. These approaches, as well as equipment need to be engineered and developed with the goal to allow problem-free interoperations between involved equipment. A step towards such interoperation is the assessment of interoperability. Focusing on technical interoperability, we present a testing framework for the assessment of interoperability of grid and cloud computing infrastructures. This also includes the assessment of application deployment onto several infrastructures provided by different vendors, which is a key driver for market success. This testing framework is part of an initiative for standardizing the use of grid and cloud technology in the context of telecommunication at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Following the test development process developed and used at ETSI, we developed a test architecture, test configurations, compliance levels, test purposes, interoperability test descriptions, test applications, and a test selection method that together build the testing framework. Its application is exemplified by the assessment of resource reservation and application deployment onto grid and cloud infrastructures based on standardized Grid Component Model descriptors. The presented testing framework has been applied successfully in an interoperability event. In this article, we present a testing framework for the assessment of the interoperability of grid and cloud infrastructure.
standardization, interoperability, GCM, grid, cloud, testing
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Journal Articles
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