Testing Grid Applications Using TTCN-3

Thomas Rings


The collective and coordinated usage of resources for joint problem solutions within dynamic virtual organizations across different institutes is realized with the Grid computing technology. Since the deployment of Grid computing grows, the quality of Grid computing environments and Grid applications has to be assured. An important constituent of quality assurance is testing. This thesis investigates the applicability of the Testing and Test Control Notation version 3 (TTCN-3) for testing Grid applications. As case study of this thesis, test cases implemented in TTCN-3 have been applied to an application running in a Grid computing environment. A description of the implemented example Grid application that is tested with TTCN-3 is covered by this thesis. The main focus of the thesis is on the realization of a basic TTCN-3 test system and its test harness in order to check the correctness of the application that runs in a Grid environment. The realized tests demonstrate that TTCN-3 is applicable for distributed testing in Grid environments. The Grid environment used in the case study is the Instant-Grid. It is based on the Grid middleware Globus Toolkit.
Grid computing, software testing, TTCN-3
Document Type: 
Master's Theses
Göttingen, Germany
Institute of Computer Science, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
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