TTCN SDL- and MSC-based specification and automated test case generation for INAP

Jens Grabowski, Dieter Hogrefe


The development of the Core INAP CS-2 standard and the corresponding conformance test suites by expert teams at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) are historical breakthroughs for the use of SDL and MSC within the international telecommunications standardization process. For the first time, the textual description of a standard has no priority over the corresponding SDL specification. The power of a standard SDL specification has been shown by the successful application of computer aided test generation methods for the production of the necessary standard conformance test suites. This paper introduces the Core INAP CS-2 protocol specification and describes the test generation procedure. Notice:A modified version is available as Technical Report A-99-02, Medical University of Lübeck, Schriftenreihe der Institute für Mathematik/Informatik, Lübeck, Germany, February 1999
SDL, MSC, TTCN, ASN.1, conformance testing, automatic test generation,standardization, ETSI, ITU-T
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Articles in Conference Proceedings
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Telecommunication Systems (ICTS'2000) - Modeling and Analysis
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
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