Web Service Test Framework with TTCN-3

Stefan Troschütz


Web services are standards-based software systems designed to facilitate interoperable application-to-application integration over a network. The broadening adoption of Web services and especially their use for business purposes or critical applications introduce a growing need for efficient testing approaches that allow assuring the correctness and interoperability of Web services. This thesis presents a framework for the testing of Web services with the standardized test specification and implementation language TTCN-3. Foremost, the mapping of a Web service description to a TTCN-3 abstract test suite, which facilitates basic testing of the Web service, is discussed in detail. A time-saving automation of the proposed mapping implemented as a Java console application is introduced afterwards. Finally, the enhancement of TTworkbench Basic, a TTCN-3 test development and execution environment, for Web service testing is presented. The implemented extension enables the execution of a TTCN-3 abstract test suite derived from a Web service description. In addition, it provides dialog-based wizards for using the automation of the mapping from within TTworkbench or defining new, more complex test cases.
Document Type: 
Master's Theses
Institute of Computer Science, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
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