Requirements Engineering (SS2022)

Teaching Staff: Philip Makedonski


This course covers the basics as well as advanced concepts of requirements engineering. It includes the following topics:

  • Requirements determination
  • Requirements specification
  • Requirements documentation in natural language
  • Model-based requirements documentation


  • The course implements the module "M.Inf.1153: Vertiefung Softwaretechnik: Requirements Engineering".
  • Announcements and course materials are distributed via Stud.IP!

Lecture and Tutorial: 

  • The course will be organised as an inverted classroom. The lecture contents will be made available as video recordings accompanied by bi-weekly review sessions to discuss and apply the material while performing common tasks.
  • The lecture recordings and materials will be made available online in Stud.IP on a weekly basis, starting on May 4th.
  • An opening session will take place on May 4th at 14 o'clock (c.t.) in MN12 Provisorium 0.101, followed by the first review session on May 11th at 14 o'clock (c.t.) in MN12 Provisorium 0.101. Subsequent review sessions continue on a bi-weekly basis.
  • The tutorial will take place as a workshop towards the end of the semester, either across two three-hour sessions as one four-hour session.
  • Active participation in the tutorial is required for participating in the exam. The specific time(s) and date(s) for the tutorial will be determined during the semester. 


The examination date and format is yet to be determined. 

For further information:

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