Assuring Software Quality by Means of Simulation Methods


Within this project, we analyze software and software project by means of simulation. Based on open source archives, we will develop and validate simulation models for the simulation of software evolution. By modeling specific parameter for such simulations, e.g., management decision, different applications of development processes and alternative software architectures, their influence on the software evolution can be determined. We focus specifically on software quality.This project has the following goals:
  • Requirements analysis to define assessment criteria and select data source
  • Mining of software archives
  • Simulation models for the development of software
The goals will be validated and evaluated by means of case studies.

Project Details

Project Staff: Jens Grabowski, Verena Herbold, Daniel Honsel
April, 2013 to March, 2016
Funding Organizations: 
Simulationswissenschaftliches Zentrum (SWZ) - Clausthal - Göttingen
Project Website: 

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