AutoQUEST - Automated Quality Engineering of Event-driven Software


AutoQUEST is a software quality assurance tool suite. Within the AutoQUEST project, we provide research prototypes for testing, analyzing, and observing event-driven software. At its core, AutoQUEST provides an API for the programming of testing techniques for event-driven software against abstract events, that are independent of a concrete testing platform. This API can be used to separate the testing techniques from the platforms and, therefore, implement them in a generalized manner. Using a plug-in system, AutoQUEST supports concrete platforms. 
The two main venues of quality assurance we currently consider are usage-based testing and usability analysis
The AutoQUEST project is the successor of the EventBench project.

Project Details

Project Staff: Steffen Herbold, Patrick Harms
August, 2012

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