T3Tools - TTCN-3 Guideline Checking and Documentation Generation Tools


A critical issue for ETSI in developing test suites is the readability, consistency, maintainability, and documentation of the TTCN-3 code. Automating the code analysis for these properties increases the level of confidence regarding code quality. It can also help to make sure that agreed upon coding guidelines are met.It is for this reason that ETSI provided funding for the initial development and subsequent maintenance of the T3Tools, which currently include T3Q and T3D.
  • T3Q is a guideline checking tool for TTCN-3 test specifications.
  • T3D is a tool for automatic documentation generation for TTCN-3 test specifications.
Both tools are build upon base infrastructure provided by TRex.  

Project Details

Project Staff: Philip Makedonski, Jens Grabowski, Benjamin Zeiß
November, 2008 to November, 2012
Funding Organizations: 
European Telecommunictions Standards Institute (ETSI)
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