Reliability Engineering for Cloud Computing Systems and Applications


With the growing popularity of Cloud Computing, the reliability of applications deployed on Cloud and the reliability of Cloud systems themselves attract increasingly more attention of both users and providers of Cloud applications. At the same time, layered structure of Cloud system makes the reliability problem complex and it tough for applications providers to determine appropriate method to improve the reliability of their applications. Within this project, we will develop methods to assess and improve the reliability of Cloud applications from the perspective of Reliability Engineering. Goals of this project are as following:
  • To generally model Cloud applications and Cloud Computing systems, then provide a reliability benchmark.
  • To test the reliability of Cloud Computing systems and applications considering specific constraints.
  • To apply methods to improve reliability of Cloud applications deployed on real Clouds.
The goals will be realized by developing, deploying and monitoring applications in real Clouds, such as AWS.   

Project Details

Project Staff: Xiaowei Wang
April, 2013 to March, 2015

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